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Lean Startup Principles for African Ventures

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I have just returned from the Startup Africa’s 11th Annual Africa Entrepreneurship Conference and Awards Gala which will took place on September 27th in Wilmington, Delaware. I was honored by the organizers to be on a panel “How Africa’s Startups are Using Lean Startup Principles”

It was a gathering primarily of entrepreneurs of the African diaspora who have or are considering starting a business in Africa. This year’s theme is “Investing for Sustainable Success”.

If you were unable to attend the conference, do not despair. This Friday,

October 3rd, I will present a Hangout Live “Lean Startup Principles for African Ventures.” I will be reviewing some of the highlights of the conference with emphasis on the panel. To register for the Hangout Live, click here.

It a highly successful process put forward by Steven Blank and Eric Ries and utilized by many successful, modern entrepreneurs. Of course, there is much more to learn about this process and how it can be applied to your Africa Ventures. So, register for the webinar.

If you are unable to access the Hangout Live, you can just come to this page, and view the presentation.

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