Africa Mentor – An Africa Advisory Service

If you are contemplating entering the African marketplace with a product or service you have come to the right place.  Africa Mentor was created in 2011 in order to assist entrepreneurs, SMEs and businesses to put their best foot forward in Africa. 

Unlike the big name consultancies attempting to advise entrepreneurs by presenting flashy reports based primarily on secondary and  tertiary sources while charging their clients exorbitant fees, Africa Mentor has a vast network (present on every continent) that gathers first hand, current information about the market, competition and legalities of doing business on the continent.

We have worked with clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, land development, mining, agriculture, and IT just to name a few. 

Africa Mentor can help you by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive Market Research Study (Opportunity Analysis)
  • Introducing you to and setting appointments with vetted contacts, such as:
    • entrepreneurs
    • agents
    • potential partners
    • potential employees
    • lawyers
    • government officials
  • Being a mentor in the development of an Entry Strategy based on current realities (We a proponents of Lean Startup Principles).
  • Mediating disputes
  • Vetting partners and employees

Are you ready to begin your African venture?  Do you want to be put in contact with the right people?  Are you wondering how to get started in Africa?  Do you want to know your chances of success (profitability)?

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Founder and Director

Richard Chowning

Phone: (903) 624-4292

I am Richard Chowning, the Founder and Director of Africa Mentor.  It is my mission to help you put YOUR best foot forward in Africa.  I am confident that I can guide you efficiently and successfully place your product or service into the exciting African marketplace.

I have twenty-five years of in-resident experience in Africa and have been involved in African ventures for more than forty years.  I know the challenges that you will, no doubt, encounter working in Africa.  More importantly, I have a tool box of options to help you meet those challenges.

I have mentored scores of individuals and teams who are presently working, or have worked, in African in such countries as Kenya, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Benin and Togo.

I have taught Africa Studies, Swahili and Cross-Cultural Communication at several universities in the United States including Abilene Christian University, Johnson University and  Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

Depending on the specifics of your needs, I am able to put together a personalized team (where necessary) to deliver you actionable steps that you can implement with confidence.

Web Presence

I own and write almost all of the content for the following Africa-oriented websites:


Writings of mine have appeared in many print journals and websites.  Here are some samples:

Educational Background:

  • B.A. Pepperdine University
  • M.A. Abilene Christian University
  • Graduate of Newspaper Institute of America

Language Fluency:

  • English
  • Swahili
  • Kalenjin (Kenya)
  • Ajagbe (Benin)

Positions and Distinctions:

  • Distinguished Christian Service Award, Pepperdine University (2007)
  • Founding Chairperson, Electronic Technology Group of the African Studies Association (1992-1996) – A Professional and Academic peer association.
  • Chair, African Missions Fellowship Strategy Group at Abilene Christian University (1993-1997)
  • Associate Board Member, Pioneer Bible Translators (1995 – 2007)
  • Managing Editor, Journal of Applied Missiology (1989-1996)
  • Editor: Missionary Anthropology (1984-1989)