African Investment Marketplace – Know the Realities

3realcoverAll marketplaces are not equal.  There are subtle and large, earth shaking differences between the African market for your goods and services and the environment where you hatched and nurtured you parent business.

If you are planning to offer your products or services in Africa, then you will do well to know all the ways in which people in that market think and operate.  In my ebook 3 Realities of Doing Business in Africa I cover some of the most often misunderstood variables: Trust, Risk and Disruptive Innovation.  These each play out in differently in Africa than they do in the rest of the world.  Ignore them and you may well face failure.  Understand them and work in ways in that make use of this new-found knowledge and you could be well on your way to profit.

Click here to get a free copy of 3 Realities of Doing Business in Africa.

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