Two key words, MENTORING and MEDIATING, describe the way I work at Africa Mentor.

Africa Mentor is a one-stop consultancy for non-profits and entrepreneurs involved in or wishing to work in Africa.

If you need help in any phase of your project, we have either the personal experience, knowledge, resources, or personnel in our network to help you.

Here are examples of the types of assistance I can deliver:

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  • clarifying goals
  • implementing Results-Based Management
  • selecting region of Africa to work
  • vetting and evaluating employees and partners

Orientation, individually or for your team:

  • culture and communication in Africa
  • culture and communication in specific regions and/or ethnic group of Africa
  • introduction and advanced guidance to doing business in Africa
  • working among the poorest of the poor
  • networking with African entrepreneurs


  • detailing visa requirements and processing of visas
  • business start-up requirements, permit overview and processing
  • international and local travel arrangements
  • full service shipping options
  • overview of rental accommodation market and leasing
  • telephone, internet and television options and procurement
  • security assessment and solution options


  • evaluation of existing projects or businesses
  • evaluation of business plans
  • cost of living analysis
  • salary analysis
  • problem solving

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  • development needs in specific regions of Africa
  • business opportunities in Africa
  • assessment of competition
  • logistic options
  • best practices

Promotion and Development

  • speaking at fund-raisers
  • collaboration in partnership development with Africans
  • product promotion strategies suited to Africa
  • writing letters and promotional material for an African audience

If you have other needs or want to further discuss the options above please contact the Africa Mentor:
twitter: @TheAfricaMentor

Skype ID: rchowning

Phone: (903) 624-4292

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