“The people of Africa are currently experiencing the fastest adoption of new technology ever witnessed in human history.”- Michael Spencer, CEO Smart Money
“The new Africa story is consumption,” says Graham Thomas, head of principal investment at Standard Bank Group

Take the next steps to move your business, service or product into the African market place or partner with some of the bright African entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the ways I can toward making your investment in Africa a reality.

Opportunity Analysis or Review

Wondering if your product or service has potential for success in the African market place?  Before rushing in you may benefit from an Opportunity Analysis.  After you share with me, on the phone or Skype, the type of product or service you would like to pursue in Africa, I will compose a set of questions.  Your responses will guide me in research and preparation for a one to two-hour conversation in which I will relate what I see as the chances of success, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will you can expect.

From the session you will have a realistic understanding of how your product might be perceived and its potential in the African market place.  You will also take some recommendations for the next steps to take on your journey. 

Each year, many entrepreneurs attempt to introduce their product or service into the African market place.  As you may expect some are not successful.  The prime culprit for their failure is the lack of a strategic plan that is contextualized to the specific region or country of the continent they are intent on entering.

I will guide you with my knowledge of Africa and African business to develop a contextualized, strategic plan for entering the African market place.   The step by step plan will include identifying the incremental goals for the venture or project, adaptations needed to make the proper fit, models for presenting your company to the African public, some actionable, SMART steps, and an execution, tracking mechanism for evaluating progress.  I can guide you through the process or draw up the plan from top to bottom for you.

Mediator Service

Using my African, cross-cultural communication and language skills I will serve as your mediator, translator, and assistant in executing your plan or project. This service can be provided from my home base, or I can travel as needed. (if on a retainer basis $500-1000 per month, plus expenses; a fee can be arranged on a per case basis as well).

Africa Mentor Package

This is my most comprehensive service. It includes the Opportunity Analysis and Review and Mediator service, plus such services as:

  • detailed analysis of your competition
  • logistic problem solving such as providing official procedures and regulations for filing visas, licenses, and permits
  • vetting employees and partners
  • 2 to 3 hours per week of discussions over the phone with your team members or African partners or officials

($1500-5000 per month for a minimum of 3 months).

Communication is essential to all marketing. What will your brand and branding strategies communicate in Africa? Ethnic groups, urban/rural, middle class and a myriad of other consumer bases each communicate and receive communication different. This is a fact you cannot ignore. Africa Mentor can make sure that you are communicating what you intend to communicate.

The above standard formats are only samples of the ways we can work together.   Some cases may require specially devised formats.  Fees for such non-standard formats of service will be determined upon mutual agreement of the requirements, specific services provided and duration of the consultation.  See a full list of services I am able to offer.

I am excited about the prospect of mentoring and mediating with you as you pursue your business venture in Africa.

I am always willing to talk about your dreams and ideas for entering the African market place.  Contact me at richard@africamentor.com or Skype me at Skype ID: rchowning   It would be my pleasure to talk to you.

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