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Africa’s Agriculture Sector Getting Alot of Attention

Africa's Agriculture is Strategic

Farming has long been the primary source of food and income across Africa.  That will not change for decades, if ever.  

The continent, itself, has a growing need for food.  A sixty percent increase in production is need in the next fifteen years just to feed the local populations.  

Opportunity in Agriculture

There is great potential for that growth to be realized.  Sub-Saharan Africa is home to almost half of the world’s currently uncultivated land.  Many countries have good water supply and they are only using two percent of the water resources compared to five percent in the rest of the world.  

The food and drink markets are expected to climb to above one trillion USD in value by 2030.  This has not gone unnoticed by African youth who are becoming increasing involved in innovating digital solutions for much of the agricultural supply chain.   

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