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So you are headed to Africa to embark on a new phase of your life. You want understand what living in this new environment will be like.   There are tourist guidebooks galore, but you are not a tourist.  You have a project to begin or a business to set up.  Encyclopedic articles giving basic country information abound.  That general advice is good for students, but they are missing some of the most pertinent material you need.

One of the best ways to become acquainted with the country or city of  Africa where you desire to locate is to hear what other expats, like yourself, have experienced in their move. Yet, “from the expats mouth” advice is hard to find.  Africa Mentor has culled the following three forums from the the many sites attempting to speak for the African expat community.  We recommend them.

  1. The Expat Exchange – A World of Friends Abroad
    After selecting your particular African country of interest, you are given a collection of on-going forums about the many aspects of expat living in that country including such things as reviews of school, advice about having a baby there, availability of products and job opportunities.
  2. Expat Women – Inspiring Your Success Abroad
    Ladies, here is an excellent resource just for you.  It includes forums on such topics as women’s clubs, schools, TV and radio stations and how to settle in. It contains resources for each African country, some are more complete than others.
  3. @llo Expat AfricaThis site is a collection of current forums on many topics.  There is also immigration tips and currency exchange rates for each country.

As is the case with all online forums, you gain from reading what others have expats in Africa have written, but these forums give you the excellent opportunity to ask specific questions.  Participate in them and you will f ind just how readily the others are willing to share with you.

Africa mentor suggests that you get all you can from these forums, yet we are well aware that you will need more specific advice about how to relocate in Africa and set up your business or project.  We are ready to assist.  Please contact usi