Africa Mentor has more than 35 years of experience in Africa’s non-profit sector enabling us to offer quality services:



  • clarifying and evaluating goals
  • analyzing the need for your service and differentiating it from similar services
  • selecting the appropriate region, country or ethnic group for your service 
  • vetting and evaluating volunteers, local workers and partner organizations
  • understanding government regulations



  • understanding culture and communication in Africa
  • introducing expectations of African governments and target audience
  • meeting the emotional challenges and service delivery hurdles of working among the poorest of the poor
  • networking with African governments and local non-government agencies
  • on-line and in-office seminars



  • speaking at fund raisers and directors meetings
  • forming partnerships with Africans
  • formulating product promotion strategies suited to Africa
  • writing letters and promotional material for an African audience
  • designing web presence and social media campaigns