Africa Mentor, from its more than 35 years of experience on the continent, offers entrepreneurs and businesses a complete menu of services:



  • clarifying and evaluating goals
  • market potential for your product or service 
  • selecting the appropriate region, country or city for your business
  • selection and evaluation of workers and partners
  • government regulations



  • understanding culture and communication in Africa
  • introducing ways in which business is conducted in Africa
  • meeting the challenges of working among the poorest of the poor
  • networking with African entrepreneurs
  • on-line and in-office seminars



  • detailing visa requirements and processing of visas
  • fulfilling business start-up requirements and permits
  • providing options for international and local travel
  • putting forth full service shipping options
  • offering an overview of commercial and personal rental properties
  • outlining telephone, internet and television options and their procurement



  • vetting Venture Capital opportunities with African entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • analysis of Africa oriented Investment Funds
  • securing funding for your Africa Start-up
  • partnering with African entrepreneurs