Bribes: Don’t Let Them Bring You Down

Transparency International categorizes almost all African countries as very corrupt. Corruption in the form of bribery, embezzlement and extortion are faced by expatriates, as well as nationals, from the local village to the offices of the highest officials in many African countries. According to World Bank’s International Finance Corporation more than one-third of all firms […]

3 Optimistic Reports of Africa’s Economic Future

Any American or European entrepreneurs or non-profits wishing to begin or upgrade their involvement in Africa can take heart that the economy on the continent is in the midst of some very promising changes.  As the three reports below point out, their is every reason to be optimistic. The World Bank sees an expanding middle […]

Four Challenges Often Overlooked by Expatriates Beginning Work in Africa

There are great rewards for working in Africa. I would not trade my twenty-five years of residence on the continent for anything. The results in changed lives, both mine and the African people around me, were more than worth any sacrifice I might have made. Any non-profit organization working in Africa has a tremendous opportunity […]

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