Discover how improving your communication will create trust in the African marketplace



You know your business.  You have had success in your own culture and are now dreaming of moving into the African marketplace.


With your first foray into Africa you most likely have experienced the some of the following:

- people seem to just want money from you

- people say "yes" and later you find out that they did not understand what you were asking

- people have promised to do some tasks, but what they produce is not what you were expecting


In your own culture, you were able to adjust your requests or realign your expectations.  African culture is so different that you find it different to communicate in a way that gets your desired results.


There are some proven cross-cultural communication techniques that will guarantee that you will communicate clearer, more inspirational and create trust.  You will save time and money while removing self-imposed stress.  


I am offering you a unique course in which I reveal the techniques I have acquired through more than 40 years of cross-cultural communication experience in Africa.  I know Africa well having lived there for more than 25 years.  I speak 3 African languages fluently.  I taught courses in Cross-Cultural Communication at universities in the United States.  Businesses and entrepreneurs have relied on me to help them navigate the African business ecosystem.  


I am in the Top 1% of Social Sales Index of Sales professionals in the International Trade and Development industry on LinkedIn.  See my profile.  I am VC4AFRICA officer.


I spoke on  Lean Startup Principles in African Business at the Startup Africa Conference and will present  Cross-Cultural Business Communication in Africa at the upcoming Trade With Africa Business Summit.


You will communicate more clearly, create trust,  and determine whom you can trust by applying the the techniques you will learn in the course.  




The Course


Cross-Cultural, Business Communication in Africa




 1. Scope of Cross-Cultural Communication

 2. Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Communication in Business

 3. Core African values and communication 

 4. African Business Ecosystem - Background and Key Variables 

 5. Creating Trust in Africa - It Depends on You

 6. Recognizing Who You Can Trust - Vetting Partners and Employees

 7. Cultivating Relationships that Enhance Communication

 8. How to Initiate Conversations in Africa 

 9. Written Communication - Emails, Proposals, and Contracts

10. Employing Cross-Cultural Communications Assistants/Professionals 

11. Reference Sheets (patterned after David Allen's worksheets/card)


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This is a course of cross-cultural communication in an African business context. Its goal equip the client to build trust through clear, culturally contextualized communication with Africans in all sectors that they will be dealing with.


What you will take away from this course: Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of cross-cultural communication in an African setting and how it affects your business. You possess techniques to identify potential misunderstandings and tools to cultivate beneficial communication. 


Each module will take about one hour to complete.  There will be a video, readings, and worksheets.  As a bonus, I will have a phone conversation with you after every two lessons.


The most important take away is being able to communicate more clearly and appropriately to enable you to gain more profit.  You will also receive a Certificate of Completion can post on your website or share with potential employer.  


I have taught Cross-Cultural Communication courses at universities in the United States where students paid more than $2000.  Learning Tree charges $2600 for an equivalent, general Cross-Cultural Communication Course.


Cultures vary greatly.  You are entering the African marketplace.  You need cross-cultural communication skills specifically for that context.  I also am well aware that each African country has differences.  I will be discussing those differences with you during the phone conversations.


For this highly focus course, I could charge upwards to $3000.  The real value to you business is multiple times greater than that. 


For those who enroll before the end of March, 2018, I will offering it for only $625.    

If you find it difficult to put that much out in one payment, we can arrange for you to make two payments of $312.50

If you would like more one-on-one time we can make arrangements for that, in addition to the course.




Richard has had boots on the ground in country over long periods of time. He has put in dues with traditional media and education, and is savvy to new media, social marketing, and global networking. He has a unique combination of experience, cultural sensitivity and wisdom which position him as a true African Mentor.                                                                -- Ed Dodds - Digital Strategist and CEO Commergence 


Richard is a strategic thinker and a thoughtful planner. I am always pleased to see him on my team.

--KB Massingill Business Managment Consulting Services


David Parrish - President Summit Christian College

Richard is a deep well of valuable information. His commitment to excellence and love for ministry is contagious. Richard's dedication to professionalism in service is equalled to his compassionate and giving lifestyle.