African Investment Marketplace – Know the Realities

All marketplaces are not equal.  There are subtle and large, earth shaking differences between the African market for your goods and services and the environment where you hatched and nurtured you parent business. If you are planning to offer your products or services in Africa, then you will do well to know all the ways […]

2 African Diaspora Sites Making a Difference

While doing the research each day to keep abreast of the latest developments in African investments, entrepreneurship and partnerships, I am often impressed by the number of Africans living outside the continent who are having an impact on current developments of Africa.  I want to share with you two websites that I have come across […]

3 Discussions Forums for Expats Living in Africa

Online Forums for Expats Living in Africa   So you are headed to Africa to embark on a new phase of your life. You want understand what living in this new environment will be like.   There are tourist guidebooks galore, but you are not a tourist.  You have a project to begin or a business […]

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