African Investment – Why It is Attractive

The African investment landscape is looking brighter all the time.  Africa Mentor continues to monitor the global press and financial institutions for stories that give our community the clearest picture of investment opportunities on the continent.  In this post, we bring you two important reports. Important African Investment Interview The first story comes from an […]

Managing Risk: Africa Political Risk Insurance

Africa political risk insurance could be an overlooked solution for risk management. One of the major concerns I hear from from investors and entrepreneurs considering entering the African arena is, “isn’t that risky part of the world for me to exposing my money?” Africa Less Risky Today While on one hand I say Africa is, […]

10 Reasons to Invest in Africa Now

Goldman Sachs has published a major report,  Africa’s Turn, laying out reasons why their research team think it is time to invest in Africa.  They say it is time for multinational corporations to ramp up or initiate their presence in Africa.  If it is time for the big guys, medium and small investors and entrepreneurs […]

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