Marketing in Africa? Educate the Consumer

Marketing in Africa shares some similar challenges with with marketing goods and services anywhere else in the world.  Yet, how you, as an entrepreneur, successfully meet those challenges must fit your particular African context.  One of the major tasks of an entrepreneur bringing a novel product to market is educating the consumers about the benefits […]

Starting a Business in Africa? Learn the Culture

Acquiring a knowledge of African culture is an important ingredient  contributing to the success of starting a business in Africa.  The marketing and managing of your goods and services in will be greatly enhanced by knowing how people relate to each other in their daily lives and in the business world.  Not just any African […]

African Youths, Technology and the Future

by Kenneth Omeruo “In Africa we don’t lack ideas, we only lack people who believe in our ideas and can genuinely invest in them” said Terry- a young Nigerian I met recently who shared some of his great ideas with me. Terry, no doubt is one of the millions of African youths whose ideas are […]

3 Reason Why Expat Entrepreneurs Need African Partners

Expat entrepreneurs who choose an African partner are viewed much different than those who try to go it alone when starting a business in Africa. 1.  Expat Entrepreneurs are Individualistic Entrepreneurs love the success of a profit.  They often will not trust anyone, but themselves, to get the business to profitability. That drive, passion and […]

Key Communication Skills for Expats Working in Africa

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of communicating clearly and accurately.  Each step of the way in their business life they must be certain that they are being understood.  Writing clear and accurate business plans and persuasive proposals is an essential.  Verbalizing brand strengths and differentiating it from the competition in compelling language is a must in […]

Cultural Fit Important in African Ventures

African Business Case Study Your interest in starting a business or project in Africa is not unique these days.  There are many players moving their operations or expanding into Africa.  The chief reason is the expanding economies of the region.  The International Monetary Fund, the leader in international economic indicators and projections, predicts the economy […]

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