Africa’s Agriculture Sector Getting Alot of Attention

Ethiopia Investments – Many Profitable Projects on Offer

UPDATE: Ethiopia recognized by the European Council on Tourism and Trade as Top Tourist Destination for 2015 Ethiopia maintains one of the top three fastest growing economies in Africa.  Ethiopian investment incentives are offered by the federal government. Africa  Mentor represents several investment opportunities in Ethiopia. Click on the image to the left (or this […]

Advice from Africa’s Wealthiest Man

Boko Haram – Nigeria’s PR Counter Offensive

The Nigerian government is deeply concerned about their image in the world.  Their number one image concern at the moment is the Boko Haram terrorist group that has taken the lives of many Nigerians and caused many prospective investors to delay their entry into the largest marketplace on the African continent. The government has sent […]

Africa’s 2015 Reality and a New Iteration of You

Some times my own words do not taste so sweet. I remember back in the 1980s, while living in Kenya, I told a group of non-profit workers that the big corporations and western business people have invaded the continent to rob poor Africans. They had come to seek profit and not raise the standard of […]

An African Audience Within Your Reach

  Your are able to present your products and services to millions of Africans from a range of demographic segments. The middle and upper-class people access the web and social media via their own computers or mobile devises.  The majority view them in Internet Cafes.  The African population that use the Internet currently make up […]

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